Tips in Finding the Right Designer Brands for Your Clothing

Why Designer Shoes are Popular

Designer shoes or shoes which are designer brands are popular because of their fashionable style, attractive design and durability. However, there is a price to pay for these advantages. Shoes which are designer brands are more expensive than shoes which are not designer brands. Designer brands are so expensive sometimes you have to pay as much as 100% more than non-branded shoes in order to purchase them. However, despite the high cost, designer shoes have a sizeable fan base which buys shoes with new designs on a regular basis.
Shoes which are designer brands are also popular because new styles are manufactured on a regular basis. The frequency with which new styles are manufactured depends on the brand. Some brands come out with new styles on a yearly basis, for example, Year 2013 Collection, Year 2014 Collection, etc. On the other hand, some designer brands are manufactured depending on the season, such as Autumn to Winter Collection, Spring to Summer Collection, etc. That is why demand for these shoes is constant. Shoes with new styles are constantly being manufactured to replace shoes with old styles.
The styles of designer brands are manufactured worldwide, but the styles manufactured in the fashion capitals of the world, namely, New York, London, Paris, and Italy, are the most popular. This is the reason why shoes which are designer brands are expensive. Most of them are imported and aside from the retail price, import taxes, transport fees and profit margins are added to the original retail price.
There are two types of designer brands, namely, men’s designer shoes and women’s designer shoes. More women’s designer shoes are sold compared to men’s designer shoes, because as we all know, women are more fashion conscious, are more sensitive to styles and trends and they love to go shopping.
Shoes which are designer brands are also popular because they were traditionally sold in shoe stores and department stores, but now, with the advent of the internet, these shoes can now be purchased online from internet shopping websites and corporate websites of the shoe manufacturers using a credit card.

However, when purchasing online, the buyer should make sure that they order shoes with the correct size. Otherwise, the shoes that they order might be too small or too large for their feet, and they would have to spend extra money to return the shoes to the manufacturer and request for replacements.
Shoes which are designer brands are also excellent gifts, especially when given to women. However, they should be given as gifts only if you know the shoe size of the person you are giving the gift to.
Fashion-conscious shoppers who want to upgrade their wardrobe are advised to buy shoes which are designer brands. The initial cost of shoes which are designer brands is more expensive than non-branded shoes, but they are more fashionable and more durable than non-branded shoes. It is also advisable to buy several pairs of shoes, not only one pair, so that you can wear shoes which complement the clothes you are wearing.

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