Tips in Finding the Right Designer Brands for Your Clothing

How to Buy Designer Brand Jewelry

Designer brand jewelry can be purchased in two ways. First, they can be purchased instore from department stores and jewelry shops. This is the traditional place where designer brand jewelry can be purchased. Second, they can be purchased online from internet shopping websites and jewelry manufacturers’ websites. Some internet retailers provide free shipping, free returns, discounts and free gift-wrapping to internet shoppers. Some internet retailers also give away Rewards Points to internet shoppers, which can be used to acquire free items from the internet retailers.
There are several kinds of jewelry available in the market today. There are diamonds, gemstones, pearls and precious metals (gold, silver, platinum). There are also several types of designer brand jewelry available, namely, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants and chains. There are slight variations in the purchase method of these jewelry, but in general, the following guidelines are applicable:
(1) Buy designer brand jewelry from a reputable source.
The buyer should do a background check of the seller before purchasing designer brand jewelry from him/her. In general, it is safer to buy designer brand jewelry from established stores such as department stores and jewelry shops then buying them online from internet sellers, because it is difficult to confirm the quality of the jewelry when purchased online.
(2) You should bring along a competent appraiser when buying designer brand jewelry instore.
When buying jewelry from department stores and jewelry shops, it is a good idea to bring along a competent appraiser to verify the quality of the jewelry to be bought. The appraiser can also check not only the quality of the jewelry to be bought, but can also check to see if the price is appropriate.
(3) Check the specifications of the designer brand jewelry to be purchased.
The specifications of the designer brand jewelry to be purchased should be verified beforehand. There are different specifications for different jewelry. For example, for diamonds, the no. of carats, cut, clarity and color should be verified. For necklace and bracelets, the length should be verified. For precious metals, the size, weight and fineness should be verified.
(4) Check the warranty of the product to be purchased, as well as the policy of the store regarding returns and exchanges.
Most, if not all, reputable retailers have a warranty policy which is applicable to the designer brand jewelry which the buyer is planning to purchase. You should check the contents of the warranty before purchase. You should also check the policy of the seller regarding returns and exchanges. There is usually a grace period where returns and exchanges are honored, for example, 1 week after purchase, 2 weeks after purchase, etc.
Designer brand jewelry are expensive items, so the buyer should exercise due diligence when purchasing them. They are investments which can be used for the long term when properly maintained. They are also assets which can be quickly converted into cash by pawning them in a pawnshop. Also, the owner should also exercise caution to prevent them from being stolen by storing them in a safe place.

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