Tips in Finding the Right Designer Brands for Your Clothing

Types of Designer Handbags Available

Designer handbags and branded bags come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes and designs and with various prices, for bargain hunters looking for affordable bags to high end buyers looking for luxury brands. Some secondhand bags, also known as “pre-owned” and “gently/slightly used” handbags are bought mainly by bargain hunters who are looking for quality bags at affordable prices. There are several types of designer brand handbags currently sold in the market today, namely, tote, clutch, satchel, shoulder bags, duffel bags, travel bags, sling bags and backpacks.
Most designer brand handbags are purchased by women, not men, because bags are used by women as fashion accessories, while men usually do not. Women use designer brand handbags together with designer clothes, jewelry, shoes, and belts to look stylish and fashionable. Unlike women, men usually use laptop computer bags, attache cases, briefcases and portfolios to carry their things, instead of designer brand handbags.
The styles of designer handbags are updated on a regular basis, such as every year (Year 2013 Styles, Year 2014 Styles, etc.), and every season (Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, Fall/Winter Collection 2013, etc.). In this way, the bag manufacturers can have regular clients who will purchase their bags on a regular basis by replacing handbags with stale designs with new handbags with the latest designs.
Designer brand handbags are usually sold in department stores and specialty shops, but they can also be purchased online from internet shopping sites and websites of handbag manufacturers. Also, buyers can avail of free shipping and handling, free returns and exchanges and discounts if they purchase their handbags online. Handbag manufacturers and retailers offer these benefits in order to increase their sales. It is also possible to sell your old handbags as second hand handbags. You only have to post a picture of the handbag together with a description and price in a buy-and-sell website, or a classified ads website.
Most designer brand handbags are manufactured in Italy, France, U.K., and U.S.A. However, some designer handbags are manufactured in other countries also, like Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Singapore.
There are also fake designer brands, imitations, replicas and counterfeit bags which are sold as genuine designer brands. These bags violate the copyrights and trademarks of the genuine designer handbags so their purchase isn’t recommended, especially since the quality and workmanship of these bags are usually inferior to the original designer handbags.
Women usually have more than one handbag stored in their clothes closets. For some women, buying new designer bags is an activity they can’t resist, especially for female shopaholics, or women who love to go shopping. Some women have several handbags, which they use depending on their mood, as well as the clothes they are going to wear for that day.
Celebrities also use bags as a way to promote their popularity. They buy expensive bags as a way of letting their fans know that they are financially successful. On the other hand, some bag manufacturers employ celebrities to work as celebrity endorsers to promote their bags and increase their sales.
Designer handbags make excellent fashion accessories, so their purchase is recommended, especially since there are handbags suitable for all buyers, from bargain hunters to luxury buyers. The right handbag can enhance your attractiveness to the opposite sex, so if you can afford it, by all means, buy it.

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