Tips in Finding the Right Designer Brands for Your Clothing

The Usage of Designer Fragrances

People use designer brand fragrances mainly for three reasons. First, they use it to enhance social acceptability when meeting the general public. Second, they use designer brand fragrances to give a good impression to the people around them, such as co-workers, friends and family members. Third, they use designer brand fragrances to impress the opposite sex during dates.
People use designer brand fragrances as fashion accessories. People wear colorful and stylish clothes as well as apply cosmetics to look visually appealing to other people and use designer brand fragrances to appeal to their sense of smell.
Some people say that fragrances have an aphrodisiac effect, which stimulates the wearer while sending a subtle invitation to the opposite sex. Wearing the right fragrance can enhance one’s attractiveness to the opposite sex, that is why its usage on dates and meetings with the opposite sex is highly recommended.
When using designer brand fragrances, the person wearing it should be careful not to apply too much. Wearing too much fragrance may have the opposite effect, and instead of enhancing one’s attractiveness to the opposite sex, it may reduce one’s attractiveness. For aerosol type bottles, one or two puffs to the chest area is recommended. For regular bottle-type containers, one or two drops to the neck are usually sufficient.
Various kinds of designer brand fragrances are sold on the market, and some people have several kinds of fragrances which they use according to the situation. For example, some women wear fragrances which have the smell of flowers like roses and jasmine. On the other hand, some men wear fragrances which have a masculine smell, like the smell of aftershave lotion, which they apply when going out on dates. There are also fragrances which smell like fruit, such as honeydew melon, which are used mainly by women when attending group functions or meetings, not on one-on-one dates with the opposite sex.
Designer brand fragrances are luxury items, not necessities, which are used mainly by well-to-do people. Most high end designer brand fragrances are expensive, that is why they are frequently sold in Duty Free Shops as Duty Free items for the sake of airline passengers travelling overseas as tourists and businessmen. However, there are also the so-called budget fragrances, which are inexpensive but high-quality fragrances which anyone can afford to purchase.
Designer brand fragrances can be purchased in department stores and specialty shops, but if purchased online from internet shopping sites, buyers can avail of benefits such as free shipping and handling, free samples and discounts for large volume purchases.
In general, the more you use designer brand fragrances, the more sophisticated your tastes become. When purchasing a designer fragrance for the first time, you should purchase a small bottle first. Then, after trying out the fragrance and confirming its compatibility with your skin, then you may buy a larger bottle. It is also advisable to buy several bottles of fragrances with different scents, if you can afford it, so that you can mix and match the fragrance you wear with your mood as well as your wardrobe.

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